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The following article is a direct translation from the classic Genealogical and Heraldic reference "Herbarz Polski" by Kasper Niesiecki S.J., (Lipsk) edition 1839-46.


According to the MS on the Prussian families, the shield is divided into four parts. On the right quadrant, upper level, a goat rises on its hind legs with forelegs facing to the right. On the left, there is a common Polish eagle. On the lower level, an identical Polish eagle is on the right side, and a goat on the left. Above the helmet and crown, the Polish eagle wears a crown. The MS claims that the goat is derived from a crest of Hungarian family of Katarzyna Bephot, the great-grandmother of Stefan Batory, the King of Poland. This King had conferred honorary citizenship upon MARCIN BERZEWICZ, the Chancellor of Siedmiogrodz, for meritorious services. The King also granted Marcin the counties, Starogardzkie and Osieckie, and added the Polish eagle to his coat of arms. BERZEWICZ married Dabrowska from Wojanowo. Their son, JAN, married Dorota Kryska. Since they only had a daughter, Anna, the family line soon ended. Jan died in Lissowo in 1646.


Copyright © 1985 Josephine M. Piegzik. Used by permission. This article originally appeared in Polish Genealogical Society Newsletter (Vol. 7, No. 1, Spring 1985), the journal of the Polish Genealogical Society (of America).