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Słownik Geograficzny Translations


It is a village in the county of Mielec, situated on a sandy, flat plain on the right bank, as well as on the West of the Bren River. It is about 11.2 kilometers north of Radomyśl, and it has a succession of long streets in the direction of the forest of Wychylow on the Bren River.  To its township belong: Cegielnia, with 16 dwellings; Gorki, with 2 dwellings; Jozefow, with 53 dwellings; Kasale, with 3 dwellings; Podbudzyn, with 57 dwellings; Podlesie, with 40 dwellings; and Zabrnie, with 36 dwellings.  In the area of the manor, there is the German colony of Prebendow, with 37 dwellings. Together the area has 343 dwellings and 2070 inhabitants (962 men and 1108 women) of which 1965 are Roman Catholic and 105 are Jewish. 1930 are Polish and 130 are German.  In the township is a public school. It has according to the tabulation (of Zuzanna Damask) over 339 morgs of fields, 70 morgs of meadow, 2061.5 meters of garden, 24 morgs of pasture, 10 morgs unusable, and 2 morgs 1054 meters in buildings.  In actuality, it has 1577 morgs of fields, 312 morgs of meadow, 258 morgs of pasture, and 4 morgs of forest. The barrens are filled with sand.  Długosz did not mention this village. In 1581 (Pawinski, MALOPOLSKA, page 255) Wampierzow was village of Jan Tarnowski’s, having 12 peasants, 5 lan of land and 6 farm houses with adjoining fields, also communes without cattle, and 2 craftsmen.  It borders on the north with Kaweczyn, Bren Osuchow, Ziempniow, and Supce, on the west with Zaturze, on the south with Waldowa Wola, Wadowice Dolne and Wadowice Górne.


Source: Słownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego - Warsaw [1892, vol. 12, p.933]


This translation, by Jerry S. Kucharski, FIC, FICF, is used by permission.

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