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Słownik Geograficzny Translations


1) Dolne – a village in the county of Mielec on the sandy plain along the Vistula River, at a elevation of 175 meters above sea level, on the right bank of the Partyn River ( a right tributary of the Bren River). The township is made up of scattered groups of homes including the following: Kopacz, with 10 dwellings; Kopaniny, with 24 dwellings; Podedworze, with 15 dwellings; and Zarzyce, with 9 dwellings. The village itself has 83 dwellings.  In the township there are altogether 141 dwellings and 665 inhabitants, of which 639 are Roman Catholic and 26 are Jewish.  According to the tabulations it has the settlements of Apolinary, Dozywocie and Pustkow, with 2 dwellings and 28 inhabitants. In the village is located the public school. It has by the tabulations (of Wawrzyniec  Jarosz) 3 inns, 576 morgs of fields, 242 morgs of meadows, 3 morgs 520 sazin of gardens, 8 morgs of pasture, 1 morg unusable, and 2 morgs 890 sazin as building parcels. In actuality it has 439 morgs of fields, 36 morgs of meadow and garden, 89 morgs of pasture.  The Roman Catholic parish is in neighboring Wadowice Gorne. The village was founded at the end of the XVI th or the beginning of the XVII th century as an outpost in the wilderness of Sandomierz on the lands of Tarnowski. Lists from 1581 mention only Wadowice Gorne.  Wadowice Dolne borders on the north with Wampierzow, on the east with Wadowska Wola, on the south with Izbiska and Wadowice Gorne, and on the west with the coniferous forest of Wychylowka.


2) W. Górne – a village in the county of Mielec to the south of Wadowice Dolne at an elevation of 180 meters above sea level. It lies on the township road at the junction with the highway between Mielec and Radomysl (8.3 kilometers). To the township belong the following: Piaska, with 67 dwellings, Podlesie, with 3 dwellings, and Zadworze, with 73 dwellings.  The entire township numbers 177 dwellings and 843 inhabitants, of which 802 are Roman Catholic and 41 are Jews. In the tabulation there stand 23 dwellings and the residents number 112 people of which 100 are Roman Catholic and 12 are Jews, 90 are Poles and 22 are Germans. In the tabulation the areas parsonage is composed of 1 morg 1,779.8 meters of fields, 2,218.75 meters of garden, 1,278.72 meters of pasture, 489.02 meters of unusable land, and a parcel of 2,477.95 meters occupied by buildings. It has in total less than the former estate which was more that5 1194 morgs of fields, 51 morgs of meadow, and 48 morgs of pasture. In the village is the wooden Roman Catholic parish church and public school. The parish was founded by Zygmunt I Stanislaw Tarnowski, Castellan of Sadow, but later occupied by a Protestant church and therefore barred from the parsonage endowment. However, on 25 July 1585 the parish was renewed by Jan Tarnowski, grandson of the first founder. The parish belongs to the Diocese of Tarnow and the deaconate of Radomysl encompassing the villages of:  Wadowice Dolne, along with Kopanina, Wampierzow with Prebendow, Jozefow, Zabinie and Wychylowka, Wola Wadoska with Smykow, Bora, Roznica Kadzielna, and Kosowka.  In 1508 this village was a key part of Zochowski Manor of Stanislaw Tarnowski. (Pawinski, MALOPOLSKA, p. 469). In 1536 (ibid. p. 503) he gives an inspection of the village of “Vadowicze” the following details: There are in the village 20 peasants, paying 5 grzywna; an inn (half a grzywna); cottagers (6 grosz).  They give 40 korca of oats, 40 chickens, eggs, cheese, etc. and they work in service to Rzemienia. In the village is a pond and mill.  The oak forest gives income of 20 to 30 zloty (for grazing) along with the acorn crop. In 1581 (ibid., p. 254) Wadowice Gorne had 26 peasants on 13 lan of land, a head of the hamlet’s land, 10 gardeners with fields, 8 home workers, 6 tenant farmers with cattle,  4 tenant farmers without cattle, and 8 craftsmen. In recent times Wadowice Gorne belonged to the Wislocki. It is bordered on the east by Piatkowice, on the south by Zgorski, and on the west with Izbiska. Mac.


Source: Słownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego - Warsaw [1892, vol. 12, p. 887]


This translation, by Jerry S. Kucharski, FIC, FICF, is used by permission.

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